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Société Générale

Société Générale

Geographies and asset classes

Société Générale non-equity algorithms, including index, dividend
futures and fixed income futures, are available to clients globally. The
liquidity of the instrument is the key driver for demand. Many clients use
index futures for hedging alongside their use of Société Générale equity

Trading strategies and benchmarks

Générale algos support volume-weighted average price (VWAP), time-weighted average
price (TWAP), WithVol, Shortfall and Eclipse (liquidity seeking) algorithms for
non-equity instruments.


Access and functionality

Générale algorithms have been specifically built to handle non-equity 
using the company’s experience in derivatives and the development of solutions
for the firm’s own internal desks. Société Générale algorithms are available
via the same platforms as the company’s equities products.

The company
takes a signals-based, building block approach to algo development, which
allows quick customisation by clients.


Pre- and post trade reporting

cost analysis is provided for non-equity algos, but Société Générale 
that venue-specific reporting is not appropriate at present.


Future developments

Générale plans to expand its range of cash and non-cash algorithms based on
client demand.