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SunGard Apex Collateral

SunGard Apex Collateral

Apex Collateral is designed to streamline and automate collateral operations to deal with the increased demands, complexity of operations and regulatory requirements experienced by today’s collateral manager. Flexible workflows are tailored to suit the needs of the business, including threshold based straight through processing (STP) rules for processing margin movements and disputes, or reporting on specific counterparty groups, allowing exception-based processing.


Ingestion of exposure reports from clearers and
futures commission merchants allow users to see cleared trades in the margin
calculation and identify the split of exposure trades by clearer. Automatic
split of calls by currency are managed under one agreement. Automated intraday
calculations enable users to monitor incremental collateral requirements.

By using the optimizer
module, the system can automatically allocate collateral movements without the
need for user interaction. Collateral analytics provides replication of IM
requirements and allows users to assess the optimal location to clear an
exposure trade.

The system features in-built trading and management for
Repo, SBL and synthetics, enabling users to effectively upgrade and transform
the collateral assets used.

Global inventory management reporting enables the user to
make the most efficient use of collateral assets across the organization. Users
can project balances and funding costs over any time period, while real-time
updates of trading activity highlights contractual versus actual balance.

Transaction lifecycle support

Apex Collateral utilises trade data to calculate
margin requirements. Users can consolidate lifecycle events, such as coupons
and fees, into margin requirements to provide a single movement to clearers.


Data is
automatically imported to ensure that all day one requirements are satisfied
and manual overhead is limited. Dedicated support is provided by regional
support teams who work in partnership with the users to provide a consistent