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TORA Compass delivers a full suite of trade execution capabilities to trade equities, futures, options, FX, swaps and other synthetic products in markets across Asia, North America, Europe and all global markets with connectivity to over 500 regional and global brokers. The product also delivers intra-/post-trade cost analysis, pairs and program trading modules and interoperability with systems and programs such as Bloomberg and Excel. The order management system components of Compass include a pre-trade compliance engine, allocations, P&L, IOIs and stock borrow location.


TORA Compass supports all versions of FIX up to and including 4.4. It has access to over 250 published broker algorithms. In addition TORA has its own comprehensive set of proprietary algorithms.

Routing and trading venues

Users have access to all open dark pools and all offexchange lit pools in Asia. TORA Compass provides access to TORA’s proprietary smart order routing algorithm, which has access to the largest number of venues in Asia, both lit and dark pools. The SOR also has access to TORA’s independent alternative venue, TORA Crosspoint, the independent pool which provides natural crossing to buy-side clients.