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Service overview

electronic sales trading team is comprised of experienced traders who
the markets and the full spectrum of behaviours, advantages and capabilities
of UBS’s suite. UBS provides insight into market structure and trading trends,
and can quickly source, interpret and deliver deeper views into any execution
or the behaviour of any strategy or venue intraday. Plus, with desks that are
staffed 24/6 around the world, the firm provides live, regional technical and
trading support.

Research and analytics

UBS teams of
quantitative and algorithmic analysts produce a range of reports on market
macro- and microstructure; venue and index analysis; and trading trends, as
well as bespoke transaction cost analysis (TCA) reviews for clients. The firm
also provides reports on legal and regulatory issues, in addition to UBS
Securities Research single stock, sector and strategy offerings.

UBS Fusion
is the company’s full suite of web based analytic tools offering 
at-market, and post-trade transaction cost analysis, including real-time TCA. Delivering live, real-time continuous
feedback on orders, Fusion is a tool for improving execution decisions. Users
can drill down into active order data by venue and see how their order is
performing while there’s still time to affect its outcome – both for single stock
and portfolio trading


UBS has
built its algorithmic trading platform to be flexible and nimble, allowing for
a wide variety of customisations. They can be customised at the order, stock,
trader or firm level, allowing users to control a range of order behaviours, including
market participation, discretion, destinations, crossing and individual order

Client support

The company
has technology support teams available 24/6 to help troubleshoot any connectivity
or UBS software issue. The sales traders work closely with product managers,
algorithmic development team and engineers.