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Pinpoint provides global access to UBS’s entire electronic trading offering. The system allows users to centrally manage their single stock, portfolio, listed options, foreign exchange and futures trades.
It also offers direct market access (DMA) and trading through UBS algorithms in the major markets around the world; pairs, portfolio and cross-asset functionality; high-speed connectivity; and integration with other technology such as order management systems (OMSs) and allocation tools. Pinpoint integrates with all major OMS vendors.
The system supports FIX 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.4 and FIXatdl. Pinpoint is delivered to trading clients as part of their overall relationship with UBS. There are no separate platform fees for using it.

Asia-specific features

All UBS trading tools are engineered to address local market microstructure and flow nuances while delivering a consistent client experience across countries and regions. UBS Pinpoint is integrated with the firm’s DMA and algorithmic trading suite.

The offering includes an order type called UBS DMA+ that modifies clients’ orders to comply with individual exchange rules and standards while preserving their trading goals.

UBS has support staff on call 24/6 around the globe. In Asia-Pacific, the firm has local teams in Hong Kong, Sydney, Tokyo and Singapore.

Connectivity and access

UBS connects to all major equities exchanges in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia- Pacific, as well as most major alternative liquidity venues including SBI Japannext, and UBS Price Improvement Network, which is available in Hong Kong, Australia and Japan in the Asia-Pacific region.

Pinpoint accesses the full suite of UBS algorithms, which offers a series of price sensitive, time sensitive and liquidity seeking algorithms – including UBS Tap.

Clients can either send orders in via FIX from another EMS or OMS, or directly from Pinpoint on their desktop.

Transaction cost analysis

Through its web-based analytics platform, UBS Fusion, the firm provides pre-, at- and post-trade analytics including real-time transaction cost analysis. Fusion is fully integrated with UBS Pinpoint.

Other services

UBS delivers a number of content and information services, such as news services and charting capabilities.

Planned updates

The firm is constantly evolving its technology platforms in response to market trends and conditions as well as client needs and feedback. Releases are rolled out on a monthly basis.