Hot 100: Barry Hadingham, Aviva Investors

Every day in April, The Trade is profiling a different buy-sider ahead of our Hot 100 handbook, released next week.  Today we profile Aviva Investors' derivatives head honcho Barry Hadingham
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Barry Hadingham featured on the front cover interview of The Trade Derivatives in 2013, discussing the widespread reforms affecting the OTC derivatives market.

At the time, US central clearing rules were just coming into play, while Europe was still drafting its own proposals. Three years down the line and not a lot has changed.

Hadingham joined Aviva in 2005 and was appointed head of derivatives and counterparty risk at Aviva Investors in 2010.

He is also derivatives officer for the UK business at Aviva Investors the UK-based asset manager with assets under management of £246 billion.

During his last interview back in 2013 Hadingham noted that Aviva increased its derivatives activity shortly after he joined.

“Around 2006, we started to ramp up our activities in derivatives to ensure we could support what our fund managers needed to do on behalf of clients. The majority of what we do is in the interest rate, inflation and credit space.”

Those three mentioned areas of derivatives have been affected the most by incoming regulatory reforms, which will introduce mandatory central clearing requirements for them.

Hadingham has spent years working in derivatives-related roles across the industry within banking, insurance and asset management.

At Aviva he has been heading up the asset manager’s work on meeting derivatives requirements under the European Markets Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), along with the equivalent Dodd-Frank regulation in the US.

Hadingham is a chartered management accountant and a member of the Association of Chartered Management Accountants (ACMA).