IHS Markit integrates pre-trade bond and liquidity data into thinkFolio 

Through connectivity with Lucera and Neptune Networks, mutual clients of the thinkFolio platform will gain access pre-trade data and liquidity signals.

IHS Markit has established a connectivity with Neptune Networks and Lucera to add pre-trade data and liquidity signals to its investment management platform thinkFolio.

The connectivity will provide traders with richer pre-trade insights and price discovery on thinkFolio, IHS Markit said, as the firm aims to bolster the platform’s front-office capabilities.

Lucera, a subsidiary of interdealer broker BGC Partners, will provide a consolidated view of client-selected pre-trade liquidity data from major electronic venues and dealer inventory feeds through its LuceraALFA Analytics platform. It also provides connectivity to execution venues selected by the client including single dealer executions. 

“For the buy-side community, the interoperable toolset of thinkFolio and LumeALFA Analytics can increase the likelihood of a successful trade and has the potential to continuously deliver improvements to price discovery and best execution analysis,” said Paul Mutter, head of global Fenics sales at BGC Partners.

At the same time, thinkFolio’s connection to Neptune Networks, which standardises large volumes of unstructured data and aggregates liquidity across sell-side dealers, will provide bond axes in real-time. 

IHS Markit has made several new partnerships recently as it expands its thinkFolio offering with data and analytics and execution tools. In May, it partnered with performance and attribution reporting FinTech CloudAttribution and start-up fixed income solution provider Wave Labs.

“As we evolve the thinkFolio platform and deliver the next-generation version of the application, openness and flexibility are foundational principals to support seamless integration with third-party and IHS Markit content and services,” said Brett Schechterman, global head of thinkFolio at IHS Markit.