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ITRS Group, a provider of real-time monitoring and application performance management solutions, has released the ITRS Geneos FIX Analyser, which provides real-time financial transaction monitoring information.
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ITRS offers FIX analysis

ITRS Group, a provider of real-time monitoring and application performance management solutions, has released the ITRS Geneos FIX Analyser, which provides real-time financial transaction monitoring information.

FIX Analyser extracts and analyses FIX messages, giving real-time views and analysis of incoming order flow from clients and outgoing transactions to trading engines and exchanges. It will provide financial institutions with a view on the status of orders throughout the trade lifecycle. This includes latency measurement, execution times and fill rates.

FIX Analyser allows users to create their own real-time alerts and tailor the analysis to their specific requirements, for example by exchange or instrument, unusually low fill rates, etc. It also provides the ability to quickly identify rejected transactions and gives an early warning of execution venue problems.

Deutsche Börse moves Xetra to new data centre

Deutsche Börse is operating its Xetra cash market in a new data facility, having migrated the entire host infrastructure to the International Business Exchange data centre operated by Equinix.

As part of the migration, Deutsche Börse replaced all of the host computer hardware and gateways with the latest high-performance hardware. The change is expected to reduce Xetra system latency by 40%.

The migration of the Xetra cash market enables Deutsche Börse to offer its clients co-location services from a single location for the first time. Moreover, through the linkage of many telecoms providers, Xetra participants can choose the method of access to the Equinix data centre that is the most cost effective for them.

URALSIB to provide Russian access via BT

Russian securities broker URALSIB Capital-Financial Services, part of URALSIB Financial Corporation, is to provide access to Russia's securities market via telecoms provider BT Radianz's managed infrastructure.

URALSIB will give international investors direct access to Russia's RTS and MICEX stock exchanges, via the BT Radianz community cloud, which uses technology designed for low-latency, high-frequency trading strategies.

In Russia, regulations require every securities order to be routed through Russian exchange member-brokers, such as URALSIB. The link with BT Radianz is expected to foster increased foreign investor activity on the Russian exchanges for existing members of the BT Radianz community.

“Russia is one of the most important growth markets in the world, with foreign investors increasingly looking to access the opportunities available there,” said Jose Antonio Martinez, head of Radianz and payments, BT. “Hundreds of institutions in Russia are already part of the BT Radianz community cloud, and with the addition of brokering services now being offered by URALSIB, we are confident that the Russian market will be vastly more accessible to investors around the globe.”

Atrium Network enhances connectivity to NY and New Jersey markets

Atrium Network, a connectivity provider, has opened a new point of presence (PoP) at 165 Halsey, Newark, giving customers a single point of connectivity closest to the NYSE Euronext facility at Mahwah, New Jersey, thus helping to reduce latency.

Atrium Network's PoP gives clients based in New Jersey the chance to access NYSE's Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure connectivity platform, in addition to other markets across North America.

Atrium now has a total of four PoPs in the New Jersey and New York area. The new PoP will provide additional bandwidth and scale in anticipation of increasing market data feeds from exchange venues in North America.

“Our simple approach to connectivity provides our clients with one interface onto the global financial markets and helps reduce connectivity complexity for all participants,” said Emmanuel Carjat, CEO of Atrium Network. “Satisfying the demand for high-speed connectivity to exchange venues to trade multiple asset classes will remain one of our key priorities for 2011.”

QuantHouse offers sub-millisecond access to Direct Edge data

Trading solutions provider QuantHouse has introduced a feed handler, allowing algorithmic trading firms sub-millisecond access to US exchange Direct Edge.

The firm's ultra-low latency market data solution, QuantFEED, captures raw data co-located within the exchange, performs sub-millisecond decoding and delivers normalised data through a single application programming interface.

The QuantHouse proprietary fibre optic network allows clients to receive the QuantFEED Direct Edge feed from any of the 15 QuantHouse points of presence within the US and European exchange data and proximity hosting centres.

“Reliable low-latency market data capabilities are more important now than ever before,” said Kevin Carrai, head of connectivity services at Direct Edge. “Market participants need to react first to changing market conditions and with this new offering they will be able to do so.”

Equinix builds up London data centre

Data centre services provider Equinix has opened the second phase of its London LD5 International Business Exchange data centre. The expansion adds 4,000 square metres of customer space and capacity for 1,400 cabinet equivalents in the London metropolitan area.

The LD5 facility was opened in April 2010 and built on the same campus as Equinix' existing LD4 IBX data centre. The two facilities are connected by more than 1,000 diverse dark fibre links, enabling customers from across the campus to easily grow their operations and directly exchange business information.

The LD4/LD5 campus gives customers access to more than 40 carriers providing network services and low-latency fibre routes into central London. The facility also has connectivity to direct transatlantic cables that offer London clients the lowest possible latency to North America, saving valuable time in data exchange.

The Equinix LD5 IBX data centre is being built out in phases. On completion of all four phases, the data centre will spread over a total 27,800 square metres of gross space, and have capacity for a total of 5,600 cabinet equivalents.

SunGard connects to NYSE BondMatch

Trading technology provider SunGard has extended its software as a service market connectivity offering to NYSE BondMatch, the European multilateral trading facility launched by exchange group NYSE Euronext for investors to trade corporate, financial and covered bonds.

SunGard's connectivity services help exchange members and their direct market access clients trade from any workstation or application.

SunGard has developed market and trading gateways and adapted its trading workstation with market-specific trading features to provide investors and traders with access to NYSE BondMatch.

“There is increasing interest in fixed income trading in Europe, resulting in trading firms now requiring greater access to fixed income marketplaces and multi-asset valuations,” said Raj Mahajan, president of SunGard's global trading business. “SunGard's Valdi market access service helps trading firms with connectivity and smart order routing reach new trading venues.”