Liquidnet integrates analytics to bolster equities trading application

New platform will help provide better informed execution decisions alongside improving the efficiency of supporting portfolio managers.

Liquidnet has integrated its proprietary analytics into its equities trading application.

Powered by Liquidnet Investment Analytics (IA), traders will now have access to personalised pre- and intra-trade analytics through real time alerts and visualisations.

Liquidnet claims that the new feature will enable greater informed execution decisions without leaving the Liquidnet equities application, alongside adding efficiency to the process of supporting portfolio managers.

All EMEA members will have the insights enabled, forming a part of a series of upgrades created to support client trading workflows.

“Our clients tell us one of the biggest challenges facing buy-side dealing desks and sales traders is collecting, filtering, redistributing market insights appropriately to their portfolio managers,” said Chris Jackson, head of equities, EMEA and global head of equities strategy at Liquidnet.

“Traders face more data, less time to absorb it, as well as greater pressure to add value to the investment process. These enhancements are part of the solution, providing actionable insights within one click.”

The use of data analytics to the no-touch and low-touch order flow has been successfully applied by the market, and through the enhancement of its equities trading application, Liquidnet aims to address the challenge of replicating this to the high touch flow and hard to trade orders.

“We are bringing these analytics to the dealer’s desktop to support the far more manual, specialised, and nuanced trading of complex blocks,” said Rob Cranston, global head of equities product at Liquidnet.

“We seek to provide our community with intuitive alerts that fit the decision making of human traders as opposed to machines, moving beyond the market standard of simple quantitative alerts operating in a ‘black box’ environment.”