London to Tokyo FX route receives upgrade

Upgraded link to Japan expected to cater for growing FX demand in the region.

Network provider BSO has upgraded its London to Tokyo route to provide lower latency for FX trades.

Tokyo has seen growing FX trading activity and now had total turnover of $399 billion last year according to the Bank of International Settlements.

BSO said the new route will enable FX traders to increase the volume of trades they can execute through the network. It added that the route will also assist traders adapting to the continued electronification of FX trading.

Fraser Ball, chief revenue officer at BSO, said “In the fast-paced world of FX, time is literally money. This is why having the lowest possible latency across our leading London-Tokyo route is a must for the international trading community. Every millisecond counts, and with MiFID II just around the corner, the voice to computer-based trading shift is gathering increasing momentum”.