Macquarie launches digital equities research platform

Macquarie Dimension established to address increasing buy-side costs.

Macquarie has launched a digital platform for equities research as it looks to address regulatory shifts and increased cost restraints for the buy-side.

The platform - known as Macquarie Dimension - provides users with access to analysis and proprietary content and is designed to cater for clients who don’t require full-scale institutional equities research, but want the option to access research.

Macquarie previously provided research on an enterprise license basis, with unlimited access to all content and services.

The new platform is an alternative to the traditional consumption model for sell-side research, aimed at meeting client needs driven by cost, Macquarie said.

Peter Bentley, global head of Macquarie Dimension, described the platform as a “complementary service to our existing full-scale research offering”.

“The platform completes Macquarie’s research offering - providing a flexible solution to meet all of our clients’ varying requirements,” he said.

Nicholas Chamber, head of Macquarie Dimension EMEA, added the platform can “quickly and easily understand user preferences, helping them focus and drill down into the detail that is most relevant to them.”

Macquarie’s equities research team currently covers a variety of leading blue-chip stocks globally, including financial institutions, telecommunications, oil, gas and mining.