FPL releases FAST Protocol specification version 1.1

FIX Protocol Limited (FPL) has released the FIX Adapted STreaming (FAST) Protocol Specification Version 1.1, which is recommended for adoption by the FPL Market Data Optimisation Working Group, the team responsible for the development of FAST. It is now publicly available and can be downloaded from FPL's website at

Credit Suisse unveils US Systematic Alpha Equity Fund

Credit Suisse has launched its US Systematic Alpha Equity Fund to exploit market inefficiencies by combining a quantitative stock selection model with actively managed event-driven strategies. This serves to diversify the risk profile of the portfolio and exploit return opportunities, says Credit Suisse. The CS US Sy

Reg NMS and MiFID will trigger an increase in the amount of order flow matched in dark books, according to TABB Group study

TABB Group in its newest research note, "Liquidity Management: Pushing Automated Trading Beyond Agency Brokerage," projects that over the next five years equity internalisation rates will shift with the amount of flow matched in dark books increasing. This will be caused by Reg NMS in the U.S. and MiFID in Europe, which will make it more challenging and risky to execute equities using more traditional internalisation techniques including block trading and capital commitment.

Block-FX-trading platform created in response to client demand

"Over the last two years we've observed that there is a great need for an electronic platform that supports the trading of large blocks of foreign exchange (FX)," says Vijay Kedia, president and CEO, FlexTrade. FX-trading is still conducted over the telephone, which makes it prone to information leakage, says Kedia. "

European Exchange launched for structured products

Swiss Stock Exchange Services (SWX Group) and Deutsche Borse today combined their trading facilities in structured products. The supervisory board of Deutsche Borse and the federal cartel office (Bundeskartellamt) have given their approval for the partnership to go ahead. Contrary to previous announcements, the new c

Deutsche Börse signs co-operation agreement with Russian Exchange Group MICEX

The Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX) and Deutsche Börse have signed a co-operation agreement. The two parties have agreed to provide what they call "a framework to internationalize the German and Russian financial markets with a view to attract additional investments in Russian companies."

Progress Software introduces comprehensive event processing platform

Progress Software, a provider of application infrastructure software to develop, deploy, integrate and manage business applications, has released the Progress Apama 3.0 platform. The platform enables organisations to transform event data into real-time business intelligence in applications for algorithmic trading appl