Adrian Bradshaw: Retail liquidity – the current state of play

Senior equity dealer at Invesco, Adrian Bradshaw, sits down with The TRADE to discuss: the key factors to bear in mind when it comes to accessing retail liquidity; the current challenge for the buy-side; and the importance of effectively leveraging platforms.

From The TRADE’s Research Desk: A tale of two algo strategies

While algo usage continues its rise across the buy-side, Claudia Preece delves into the latest results from The TRADE’s Algorithmic Trading Survey which found that while almost half of traders elect five or more providers, almost a third use just one, demonstrating a notable difference in key schools of thought – is the answer loyalty or diversification?

Conscious usage of TCA: Making trade analytics more actionable

With data becoming unavoidably vital to the trading desk, Wesley Bray explores how traders are delving past traditional TCA and collaborating with data scientists on the desk to help gain a deeper understanding of market dynamics, in order to make better informed trading decisions.