Fireside Friday with… FlexTrade’s Andy Mahoney

The TRADE catches up with FlexTrade’s managing director, Andy Mahoney, to discuss upcoming regulations, developments within the EMS space and steps being taken to improve efficiency.

FCA extends US dollar Libor to 2024 on synthetic basis

The regulator confirms plans to publish synthetic one, three and six-month US dollar Libor rates until September 2024, while sterling Libor will continue until March 2024, extending the original deadlines to assist with cash contract transitions.  

Wild West in action: FTX’s fall from grace

Events surrounding the demise of the exchange have rocked the digital assets markets, triggering $6 billion of withdrawals in three days and forcing Bitcoin to a two-year low.

Fireside Friday…with Barclays’ Matt Coupe

The TRADE sits down with director of cross asset market structure at Barclays, Matt Coupe, to explore the areas of market structure that overlap across asset classes and how this could be developed further.