Norges Bank adopts Bloomberg E-Bond trading system

The central bank of Norway has installed the E-Bond platform from Bloomberg as the primary execution system for its inter-dealer market. 

Bloomberg has confirmed that Norges Bank has adopted its trading platform for the central bank’s inter-dealer market in Norwegian government bonds and treasury bills. 

Norges Bank has implemented Bloomberg’s E-Bond system, which provides market participants with consolidated market access, market surveillance and electronic trading tools to support workflows. It now serves as the primary execution system for local currency government securities in Norway’s inter-dealer market.    

“Debt markets require robust technical infrastructure solutions that are tailored to market requirements, and enable oversight and straight-through processing,” said Nicholas Bean, global head of electronic trading solutions at Bloomberg.  “Our extensive experience in supporting fixed income trading and issuance processes allows us to provide institutions such as Norges Bank with solutions that can easily be adapted to their needs and fully integrated with their systems.”

The E-Bond system for government bonds in Norway is supported by Bloomberg’s Dutch MTF, BTFE, and includes pre-trade price discovery, multi-dealer order trading and request for quote trading protocols.  

The implementation follows Norges Bank’s decision to use Bloomberg’s auction system earlier this year for government debt under a mandate from the Ministry of Finance. Bloomberg added that market participants can track auctions and enter bid electronically via the auction system to help central banks auction debt, FX, repos and depository notes.