Orange, EDI, Fixnetix and more…

Trading infrastructure firm Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions will team up with software firm NICE to launch a function letting traders replay a call with one touch of a button, to improve dispute resolution.

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Orange and NICE offer instant call reply solution

Trading infrastructure firm Orange Business Services – Trading Solutions will team up with software firm NICE to launch a function letting traders replay a call with one touch of a button, to improve dispute resolution.

Named Trader Replay, it is the first application available through Orange’s Open Trade Store and lets traders listen to entire calls or isolate a selected portion. Advanced features offer tagging options and optimised search facilities.

“On high-pressure trading floors, understanding trade and news information accurately can make a huge difference. We see that demand for fast and easy access to previous calls is essential,” said Yaron Morgenstern, general manager, trading floor line of business for NICE.

EDI partnership offers independent valuations

Data provider Exchange Data International (EDI) has joined forces with risk management and valuations firm Derivative Partners to provide valuations of structured products and derivatives. 

Instruments covered include equities, FX and commodities, payoffs and pricing models. Derivative Partners operates proprietary valuation models and this move is aimed to help clients meet greater regulatory demands for transparency.

“We have noticed an increased demand from our clients for independent portfolio valuations and more especially for complex financial derivatives and structured products in recent years,” said Jonathan Bloch, CEO at EDI.

Meanwhile, derivatives valuations and risk management firm Numerix has also launched its CrossAsset Server (CAS) that lets buy- and sell-side firms calculate pre-trade pricing and market risk. The CAS system is designed to help firms manage risk but also collateral optimisation with real-time functionality.

Fixnetix broadens Canada data offering

Market data firm Fixnetix will provide data from Canadian venues: the Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX Venture Exchange, TMX Select, Alpha, Montreal Exchange, and Chi-X Canada.

The expansion to Canada is the first phase of the firm’s strategy to respond to regulatory remands with a fully managed outsourced services model.

“Establishing a Canadian presence for market data from TMX Group and Chi-X Canada greatly enhances the 89 market worldwide Fixnetix network,” said Hugh Hughes, chief executive, Fixnetix.

Mantara apps environment attracts support

Trading and risk solutions provider Mantara has added two new applications to its Catalyst Marketplace apps system.

TrendLens from Lumineye and SURFACEwave from SURFACExchange are the latest applications available to traders through Mantara’s Catalyst trading platform.

TrendLens provides a visual interface that enables traders to build, test and execute strategies across multiple time frames, while SURFACEwave provides a fully electronic and anonymous central limit order book for FX options for institutional clients.

“These exciting additions further expand Mantara’s EMS capabilities and build upon the Catalyst platform’s open-API framework to deliver fully extensive and customisable desktop trading environments and add to the growing list of diversified products and services from third-party vendors,” said Jay Hinton, global product manager for Mantara.

Omgeo partners with Enfusion to automate post-trade process

Post-trade processing firm Omgeo has linked up with portfolio management solutions provider Enfusion to offer a joint solution for exchange-traded derivatives (ETDs) processing.

Enfusion’s Integrata platform will connect to Omgeo Central Trade Manager to automate post-trade processing of ETDs, letting clients enhance straight-through processing and reduce costs and operational risk.

“As hedge funds continue to boost their trading strategies with listed derivatives, they need to ensure their middle- and back-office processes keep pace with their front-office activities,” Ted Leveroni, executive director of derivative strategy and external relations at Omgeo, said.

TradingScreen integrates Econoday content

Software-as-a-Service trading technology provider TradingScreen will use content from economic analysis firm Econoday to expand its client information offering.

The partnership gives users of TradingScreen’s TradeSmart product free access to the Econoday economic calendar and offers new and historical reports for a fee.

“Econoday provides unbiased, market-focused economic analysis to our clients at a time when this insight is in great demand. We are continuously looking for new data and analysis to make our award-winning technology platform even more valuable,” said Cristina Dolan, head of content and communications at TradingScreen.