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Low-latency trading technology provider Redline Trading Solutions has launched InRush NBBO, a solution for calculating the national best bid and offer for US equities.
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Redline offers fast NBBO connection

Low-latency trading technology provider Redline Trading Solutions has launched InRush NBBO, a solution for calculating the national best bid and offer (NBBO) for US equities.

Redline's InRush NBBO calculates the NBBO view of the markets in as little as five microseconds, enabling faster access for smart order routers, crossing engines and algos and thus more profitable trading results.

The solution has been developed to minimise data feed delays, as the NBBO is usually provided by central consolidators whose distribution of the necessary data feeds often make them out of sync with the markets by many milliseconds by the time they reach a trading application.

The Redline offering calculates the NBBO from direct connections to the major exchanges with hardware-accelerated software embedded directly into single-server trading applications, enabling equities brokers to ensure that their customer trades execute at the best price across all competing US market centres with minimal latency.

Mellanox and Correlix debut HFT latency service

Latency measurement firm Correlix has introduced full support for connectivity provider Mellanox Technologies' InfiniBand solutions.

Now optimised for InfiniBand, Correlix' RaceTeam service will offer greater trading latency insight into each transaction, helping trading firms optimise their strategies accordingly.

RaceTeam is a latency measurement service that enables trading firms to manage and share real-time latency intelligence with their customers as well as receive real-time latency data from liquidity venues.

Mellanox offers low-latency networking solutions for high-frequency trading with InfiniBand (adapters, switching platforms and software) that are designed to allow for growth in traffic volumes and traders, and amount of symbols traded.

“With full support for Mellanox's low-latency InfiniBand solutions, the Correlix RaceTeam latency measurement service provides a comprehensive latency measurement platform for the myriad of high-frequency trading environments in the market,” said Shawn Melamed, founder, president and CTO at Correlix.

Orange Open Trade Store sets out trading enhancements

Trading infrastructure provider Orange Business Services – Trading Solutions has launched Open Trade Store, an application store for its Open Trade turrent that launched last year.

Open Trade is a multimedia communications hub integrating voice, video, email, instant message and web-based applications. Open Trade Store allows customers to access business and lifestyle applications that are designed to enhance trading activities. Users can switch from one app to another whilst still being able to use the phone for trading purposes. For example, it is possible to check financial information in real-time, convert equity prices into another currency, watch live TV and trade all at the same time.

The Open Trade Store catalogue contains multimedia, compliance as well as the latest social media apps, which enable traders to react quickly to new market and revenue opportunities.

Fidessa boosts Canadian trading platform

Trading technology services provider Fidessa Group has released a new version of its Canadian sell-side trading platform. New features include enhanced smart order routing (SOR), additional FX capabilities, updated algorithmic functionality and automated order audit trail system reporting for Canadian clients with US regulatory obligations.

Fidessa's Canadian trading platform provides connectivity to all Canadian trading venues, including alternative trading systems and dark pools, and to buy-side and sell-side clients as well as to back-office systems.

Following the changes, the SOR now includes low-latency point-to-point FIX gateways for use with the Toronto Stock Exchange and alternative trading venues.

The FX capabilities have been updated to enable users to auto-hedge FX exposures in real time, as well as automatically convert orders in foreign currencies and symbols to Canadian equivalents. Additionally a cross border algo for Canadian securities that are inter-listed in the US has been added.

Finally, direct access from the buy-side to Fidessa's BlueBox algorithmic engine and third-party receiving broker algos allow users to white label third-party strategies to function as a one-stop-shop for their own customers.

RTS releases order routing solution

Trading solutions provider RTS Realtime Systems Group has debuted a worldwide off-the-shelf matching system, RTD CORE. The central order routing and execution system is designed to help firms handle their order routing and matching as well as manage their global exposure, share information internally and reduce costs.

The multi-asset class matching engine includes access to more than 130 venues globally, with co-located access to more than 65 marketplaces, as well as the ability to support OTC transactions and cash markets.

RTD CORE uses FIX technology and is available as a fully-hosted ASP outsourced solution. Products traded and matched on the platform include equities, foreign exchange, interest rates and custom OTC products. Users include exchanges, OTC platforms, brokerage firms, supply chain management firms, commodity trading houses, hedge desks and swap execution facilities.

Through the solution, the activity of all traders is visible in real time to risk and compliance managers.