Saxo Bank unveils new multi-asset trading platform

The upgraded SaxoTraderPRO platform will replace Saxo Bank's existing platform.

Saxo Bank has launched a new multi-asset trading platform for active traders and institutional clients to replace its current SaxoTrader execution platform.

Known as SaxoTraderPRO, the platform connects users with more than 100 liquidity providers and exchanges globally with access to more than 35,000 financial instruments across asset classes. Clients will have access to exchange-traded funds (ETFs), stocks, bonds, foreign exchange, futures and options that are cross margined from a single account.   

“We strive to democratise trading and investment, essentially providing traders and investors with the same professional tools and market access as fund managers and large financial institutions,” said Kim Fournais, founder and CEO of Saxo Bank.

“Based on our scalable business model and efficient technology, SaxoTraderPRO offers intuitive and free access to tools and functionality that has previously been the preserve of a select few and carrying hefty fees.”

Christian Hammer, head of platforms at Saxo Bank, added that demand from active traders and institutional clients for access to global capital markets, combined with advanced trading tools, is unparalleled.

He said the bank’s clients have been at the centre of the development process with feedback, early prototyping and testing.

“A lot of unique features have been developed based on specific feedback from our beta users like the margin break down module to help our clients manage their risk,” Hammer commented.

SaxoTraderPRO will launch across Saxo Bank’s markets in the next few months, beginning in the UK and Denmark and then Asia-Pacific, with other countries to follow in April and May.