SIX implements international microwave-based trading in Europe

Swiss exchange group’s new microwave-based connections to enhance trading speed and risk management.

SIX has launched new microwave-based international trading connections for its European operations in a joint venture with solutions provider 12Horizons.

The new microwave network connects Zurich to London, Frankfurt and Milan, as well as Milan to Frankfurt, enabling trading participants of the Swiss exchange to execute trading strategies faster and enhancing risk management, as well as improving liquidity and tightening spreads, resulting in better execution conditions.

According to the organisation, microwave technology allows trade data for all securities listed at SIX to be transmitted more than twice as fast as connections based on commonly used fiber optic technology.

“Introducing microwave technology represents a significant step towards creating the Exchange Services of the future and our strong commitment to provide customers with a single source for the best low latency services from and to Zurich,” said Thomas Zeeb, head of securities and exchanges at SIX.

“We are the operator of Switzerland’s combined exchange and post-trade infrastructure and the new service demonstrates our strategy to redefine how breakthrough technology is deployed in the trade and post-trade areas.”