Spotlight: Pluribus Labs battles big data

Pluribus Labs delivers analytics and predictive market insights to clients using financial technology.

Pluribus Labs employs technology to transform messy and unstructured data into market insights and predictive investor insights.

Based in California, its team consists of 10 employees each providing a range of expertise that contributes to this process.

The process itself can be quite brutal, according to Frank Freitas, chief executive officer at Pluribus Labs, who explained the raw data needs to be loaded, cleaned and extracted onto a database.

Analysts then need to look at these figures, which aren’t structured and have sections that aren’t defined, then use their skills to figure out how to complete it.

An interesting technological method used by Pluribus Labs is natural language processing tools to decipher earnings call transcripts, corporate collateral and corporate filings.

“We find those analytics when taken together can produce a powerful, comprehensive view,” Freitas explained. 

Pluribus also produces ‘market mood’ sentiment analytics, using data from social media and other traditional media outlets.

Its US market mood analytics library currently consists of sentiment analytics for 3,500 US stocks, with plans to produce a Chinese market mood already in the pipeline.

In September, Pluribus announced a partnership with UK-based market intelligence network provider, Huq industries, to produce real-time data.

Huq Industries said Pluribus’ “deep expertise in delivering insight from extremely large and unstructured datasets,” made them the ideal partner for its market intelligence.

Big data is a global, industry-wide issue that keeps buy- and sell-side firms awake at night. Extracting, analysing and consuming the sheer amount of data available in the market is daunting.

“Pluribus Labs does this heavy lifting for you,” Freitas concluded.