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US dark alternative trading system (ATS) LeveL ATS has joined financial technology provider Linedata's network, the Linedata Liquidity Alliance Program, enabling all of the firm's front-office clients to access the ATS's liquidity.
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LeveL ATS goes live via Linedata

US dark alternative trading system (ATS) LeveL ATS has joined financial technology provider Linedata's network, the Linedata Liquidity Alliance Program, enabling all of the firm's front-office clients to access the ATS's liquidity.

The Linedata network gives users of Linedata Longview, Linedata Beauchamp and Linedata Trader+ access to liquidity pools across all asset types, as well as various value-added services. With the addition of LeveL ATS, Linedata now offers access to 33 algo providers and eight dark pools. Connectivity through Linedata Lynx provides access to 400 brokers through 100 venues.

LeveL ATS executed an average of 126.6 million shares daily in August 2011, when figures are double counted to include both sides of the transaction. Linedata reported revenues of €136.2 million in 2010.

RTS selects Equinix German data centre

RTS Realtime Systems has chosen data centre specialist Equinix to provide its low-latency global data centre in Germany. The RTS data centre, which offers hosting and co-location services, will be located at Equinix's FR2 International Business Exchange in Frankfurt, enabling RTS to offer low-latency access to Eurex and Xetra markets.

Last year, Deutsche Börse selected the Equinix Frankfurt facility as its main data centre to operate as the primary co-location site for customers of its derivatives exchange Eurex as well as its equities platform Xetra.

RTS offers connectivity to more than 135 exchanges globally, with co-located, ultra-low latency access to more than 65 of these venues. The firm's hosting, trading, matching and risk management solutions are available by the exchange's data centres in Frankfurt, Chicago, New York and London. Four of these centres are now located in Equinix facilities.

SunGard partners with Advent to offer Fox River algos

Financial technology provider SunGard has made its Fox River algorithms available through software company Advent Software's Moxy order management system (OMS).

Fox River has set specific parameters to enable users to customise their strategies for use with Moxy. Integrating Fox River's algorithms with the Moxy OMS should enable users to improve their trading performance and streamline their workflow.

“Moxy was developed to help automate the investment management processes,” said Doug Yokoyama, senior vice president and general manager of the asset management group at Advent Software. “For traders, we are focused on bringing the tools they use, including the algos they rely on, into the Moxy workflow.”

Raj Mahajan, president of SunGard's global trading business, added that the combination of Fox River algos and the Moxy OMS would give traders access to multiple trading venues and tools to capture alpha and seek best execution.

In addition, Advent Software has released details of its Tamale RMS 6.0 investment research tool, which is designed to provide simplified navigation and mobile access to ensure that investment professionals have access to real-time data and research information, from their desktops. The product will be available in Q4 2011.

Orc sets out market maker offering

Financial technology provider Orc Group has made its Orc Market Maker product available in EMEA, providing market-making technology off-the-shelf at a low cost.

Orc Market Maker features a served-based quoting engine and the ability to connect to multiple markets from a single screen. With support for options, warrants and structured products, the product can be used across desks. Customers also have the choice to buy Orc Market Maker as a managed service, enabling co-located, low-latency, market making across markets and asset classes with low cost of ownership.

Features also include volatility management, volatility and pricing models and APIs for integration of custom volatility and pricing models. Orc Market Maker also features automated hedge management, market taking and quote responding.

Orc Market Maker is already available in the US and will be introduced to Asia Pacific before the end of the year.

Compliant phones offers cloud trading technology

Compliant Phones, a provider of mobile voice and data recording technology, has launched Compliant Cloud, a cloud-based solution providing recorded telecommunications services for mobile, fixed line and data devices. The new solution is designed to address the data security requirements of financial services trading firms.

The Compliant Cloud enables organisations to select a configuration to reduce capital expenditure and operational costs. Offered as a Platform-as-a-Service solution, it also supports integration with infrastructure software firm Autonomy's Digital Safe cloud solution, enabling users to apply a range of Autonomy's eDiscovery, legal and supervisory solutions, across voice and data records. Digital Safe's integration in Compliant Cloud is intended to ensure that users of the system will meet the regulatory, liability protection and service-quality challenges that they face.

“In light of the upcoming Financial Services Authority mobile recording regulations, due to come into force on Monday 14 November 2011, financial institutions have to address their mobile recoding technology needs,” said Curtis Nash, CEO of Compliant Phones. “Even where onsite recording infrastructure exists, extending it to accommodate new applications such as mobile recording can require significant implementation cost and time. With Compliant Cloud, organisations can achieve this without losing the benefits of cloud computing, with a single unified solution that is flexible, scalable and cost efficient.”

FIX Flyer appoints Joe Gresia

Electronic trading solutions provider FIX Flyer has appointed Joe Gresia to the position of senior vice president of business development. Gresia will report to Brian Ross, CEO. The company created this new management position to support the FIX infrastructure and expand FIX Flyer's sales capabilities.

Gresia joins FIX Flyer with over 25 years of institutional trading and financial services technology industry experience, including past positions in management as well as business development. His most recentl roles were with trading technology provider Neovest, J.P. Morgan and algo technology firm Portware.

FIX Flyer currently has some 170 clients worldwide, including UBS, Barclays, Berenberg Bank, GBM, Bankg of America Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan. The firm provides managed FIX services, together with technology for managing multi-asset institutional securities trading. FIX Flyer has headquarters in New York with offices in Boston and Hyderabad, India.