The TRADE Crypto Roundtable: Episode 3 – Separation, differentiation, regulation

In which we explore what needs to change to facilitate institutional involvement, where the roadblocks are, and how we can overcome these challenges to build an efficient infrastructure: with a focus on regulation and standards.

In December, The TRADE brought key stakeholders together for an in-depth discussion of the barriers to institutional involvement in digital assets.

In our third of five video episodes, the panel explores the tricky question of regulation, the crucial importance of consistent standards, how to balance the needs of all stakeholders, the fundamental pillar of risk metrics, and why it’s essential to start separating the different elements of service (e.g. custody, brokerage, exchanges) to ensure robust protection with a focus on progress rather than just profits.

Key themes:
 – Differentiation
 – Infrastructure requirements
 – Investor perspective
 – Balance sheet management
 – Risk metrics
 – Custody
 – Regulation

“It’s arguable that the reason liquidity went offshore was due to lack of clarity from the regulators – and that didn’t need to happen.” – Taylor Cable, Cowen Digital.

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