The TRADE Crypto Roundtable: Episode 2 – Institutional involvement

In which we discuss how institutions can get involved, why they are holding back, what they are scared of, and how the current climate is affecting outlook.

In December, The TRADE brought key stakeholders together for an in-depth discussion of the barriers to institutional involvement in digital assets.

In the second of five video episodes, the panel dives deep into the challenges facing institutions right now – exploring the nitty gritty of counterparty credit risk, the obstacle of pre-funding, the importance of establishing central bank digital currencies, and why consistent tokenisation could change the game.

Key themes:
 – Counterparty credit risk
 – Collateral efficiency/capital inefficiency
 – Pre-funding
 – Tokenisation
 – CBDCs.

“What this year has taught us is that being conservative is OK. Asking clients to fund their account to trade is the right thing to be doing.” Jenna Wright, LMAX Digital.

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