The TRADE Crypto Roundtable: Episode 4 – Pushing progress

In which we discuss what various stakeholders can and should be doing to move things forward, develop the industry, and support innovation.

In December, The TRADE brought key stakeholders together for an in-depth discussion of the barriers to institutional involvement in digital assets.

In the fourth of five video episodes, the discussion broadens out to explore key issues of unbundling, the role each provider can play, the crucial need for consistency and – in the light of recent events – why the chaos in recent months came from problems with individual players, not the processes themselves.

Key themes:
 – Unbundling
 – Netting
 – Atomic settlement
 – The role of CCPs
 – The need for consistency
 – Bad actors not bad apples.

“Everyone has to buy into the concept, otherwise it doesn’t work. To support the next wave of institutional clients, the same settlement network is key. It’s about building and coming together – who are the grown-ups in the room?” Jenna Wright, LMAX Digital.

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