The TRADE Magazine, Summer 2020

The latest edition of The TRADE magazine is now available to read online.

By Editors

The Summer 2020 issue of The TRADE magazine is now available to read online. As the industry continues to adapt to a new operating environment, delve into the very best content from the Summer 2020 issue:

Buy-side cover interview – As head trader at Polar Capital, Alex Jenkins has been establishing a centralised trading desk. In this interview, Hayley McDowell discovers that the move has proved invaluable for the investment firm amid a surge in market volatility.

Working on the weekend – David Mercer, CEO of LMAX Group, tells Kiays Khalil that the launch of LMAX’s new weekend currency trading service could lead to 24/7 spot trading within the next five years.

Quantamental investing – Although a relatively new trend on the buy-side, David Whitehouse finds that combining quantitative and fundamental investing strategies for a so-called quantamental investment strategy could prove valuable to active fund managers navigating a world grappling with a pandemic.

What happened to e-trading in fixed income? – Following a spike in volatility due to the coronavirus pandemic, Hayley McDowell looks at how bond traders handled the changing market environment amid research suggesting e-trading fell apart in some markets.

Headhunting: the rise of the post-MiFID II trader – As the investment industry continues to grapple ongoing headwinds, Hayley McDowell speaks with senior recruiters and consultants to explore how the talent landscape has changed for buy-side traders in recent years.

The 2020 Algorithmic Trading Survey – Results from The TRADE’s 2020 Algorithmic Trading Survey reveal that hedge funds are increasingly using algos to reduce market impact, as the buy-side continues to focus on trade performance and price efficiency.