The TRADE’s Q2 Magazine: Now available online!

The latest edition of The TRADE Magazine launches with a wealth of new content: check out the highlights here.

The first half of this year has set a precedent that anything can and will happen. The industry has been rocked by yet another stormy quarter that has seen an ongoing banking crisis continue to send shock waves against the backdrop of still rising interest rates and an increasingly fragile socio-geopolitical global climate.

The news has been filled with M&A announcements and the regulatory landscape globally is – much like last quarter – in a permanent state of evolution.

This issue of The TRADE Magazine touches on all this and more, with in-depth features exploring the potential shift to 24/7 trading in equities and what the SEC’s equities market structure overhaul might mean for institutional investors.

It includes buy-side a cover interview spread with global head of trading at DWS Group, Werner Eppacher, a Big Interview with Nikko Asset Management’s senior dealer Angela McLean unpacking the world of multi-asset trading, and a Meet the Desk feature bringing you exclusive insights from the Goldman Sachs equities execution services desk for EMEA.

Take a below for more detail on Q2 content:

Buy-side cover interview – DWS Group’s Werner Eppacher: ‘Liquidity is like a shy deer’

Global head of trading at DWS Group, Werner Eppacher, sits down with Annabel Smith to talk talent retainment on the trading desk, how to better use data to improve TCA earlier in the trading process and whether the new market environment could go some way to increasing diversification.

Meet the Desk – Goldman Sachs on equities execution: Tacking with the wind

Annabel Smith sits down with the Goldman Sachs equities execution services desk for EMEA to discuss the changing role of a sell-side counterparty, evolving client demands and market structure and regulatory change on the horizon.

In depth – Are we on our way to 24/7 trading in equities?

With growing technological advancements and potential regulatory changes, Wesley Bray explores whether the equities market is moving towards around- the-clock trading, the benefits it could provide and whether there is demand for it at all.

The Big Interview – Angela McLean

 Senior trader for global markets at Nikko Asset Management, Angela McLean, sits down with Annabel Smith to explore her journey to the trading desk, the importance of adaptability as a multi-asset trader, and the future of straight through processing in fixed income.

In depth – The SEC’s equities overhaul: Necessary plumbing changes or a liquidity drain?

As the Securities and Exchange Commission undergoes its biggest equities shake up in 18 years to bolster best execution, Wesley Bray explores what the changes could mean for institutional investors.

Roundtable – The relentless rise of retail trading: How can the institutional market join the dots to encourage investor access?

On 16 May, The TRADE held a closed-door roundtable where panellists delved into the global role of retail markets including key barriers to entry, retail and institutional interaction, regulation and the future outlook as the market grows.

The TRADE’s Algorithmic Trading Survey 2023: Hedge funds change algorithmic priorities in light of continued challenging conditions

Dark pool access, increased trader productivity, ease of use, speed, and cost were rated as the most impactful features of algorithms in 2023.

Opinion – Standing out from the crowd: building a bespoke EMS for the future

Building mitigates the risk of creating an incompatible and expensive patchwork of systems, writes Matt Barrett, co-founder and CEO of Adaptive Financial Consulting.

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