Thomson Reuters adds Deutsche and Kepler Cheuvreux to research service

Thomson Reuters launched its Investment Research Marketplace on Eikon earlier this year.

Thomson Reuters has expanded its research service for the buy-side with content from Deutsche Bank, Kepler Cheuvreux and European Securities Network (ESN).

The Investment Research Marketplace (IRM) was launched in March this year to allow the buy-side to purchase, manage and evaluate research in compliance with new rules brought in under MiFID II, and is available on Thomson Reuters’ Eikon desktop platform.

“Credible and relevant sell-side research has become an ever more critical investment-making factor for portfolio managers,” said Mahesh Narayan, head of portfolio management and research at Thomson Reuters.

“By adding Deutsche Bank, Kepler Cheuvreux and ESN’s research to our offerings on Eikon, we are further empowering the buy-side with valuable information to help gain proprietary insight and deliver greater alpha to their clients.”

Lead analyst and vice president at Outsell, Will Jan, added that while investors are seeking independent sources of research under the MiFID II research unbundling requirements, the need for quality content remains key for decision making.

“There will undoubtedly be new research providers to capitalise on the multi-billion-dollar equity research space, many of which are not qualified or certified,” Jan said. “The choice of trustworthy sources, coupled with an effective method of channelling their insights to the buy-side’s research workflow, will be a key differentiator among asset managers.”

Research collections on the IRM service can be integrated with in-house research on Eikon, with content from approximately 1,300 actively contributing providers.