TMX Atrium, Bloomberg Vault, Legex Systems and more…

Recently launched London-based multilateral trading facility Aquis Exchange has joined TMX Atrium to expand its connectivity.

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Aquis joins TMX Atrium

Recently launched London-based multilateral trading facility Aquis Exchange has joined TMX Atrium to expand its connectivity.

Aquis selected TMX Atrium, which provides financial infrastructure solutions, due to its track record in helping the launch of new exchanges.

It also said its reach across Europe, North America and Russia offers flexible connectivity and easy opportunities to expand. Aquis, which launched on 26 November, is a pan-European trading venue offering a scaled, subscription pricing model.

Alasdair Haynes, CEO of Aquis Exchange,said: “As a newly launched trading exchange, having TMX Atrium come on board as one of our authorised extranet suppliers is very exciting. We are very pleased to be working with TMX Atrium.”

Jeffries stows data in Bloomberg Vault

Investment bank Jefferies is putting its communication data into the cloud to benefit from greater archiving and search infrastructure.

Using Bloomberg Vault, Jefferies hopes to be able to increase the value of its communication data archive.

Hany Doss, Senior Vice President, Technology at Jefferies, said: “[Bloomberg Vault’s] search and retrieval across the consolidated archive offers a major improvement for our employees as well as the eDiscovery and IT teams. We will realise meaningful operational savings from Bloomberg Vault in the coming years.”

The move has enabled Jefferies to consolidate several of its on-site data archives, cutting costs in software, hardware and data centres.

Ledgex Systems launches upgraded portfolio management platform

Solution provider Ledgex Systems has launched the next generation of its portfolio management platform, offering liquidity management and manager research modules.

The new platform will give firms real-time visibility into their existing and proposed portfolio liquidity options, while providing the research and analytics that support the manager selection process.

“Increasingly complex fund and investment structures combined with changing regulations have dramatically shifted the liquidity and portfolio management requirements of fund of funds, institutional investors and other multi-fund managers,” Brian Macallister, managing director at Ledgex Systems, said. “Ledgex addresses this new paradigm by delivering a single, comprehensive platform for portfolio management, liquidity management, manager research and investor relationship management.”

The Ledgex platform includes Ledgex Portfolio Manager, Ledgex Workbench, and Ledgex Investor Relations. 

IT infrastructure top priority for financial markets in 2014

New research has found 2014 will be a year of foundational investment for the financial markets, with the primary focus on investment in IT infrastructure.

Global analyst firm Ovum, which conducted the research, found more than two thirds of respondents forecasted infrastructure spending to increase by between 1% and 6%.

“Financial markets will face two main challenges in 2014, with the difficulties of achieving profits in a post-financial crisis environment and complying with the ever-increasing raft of rules and regulations,” Rik Turner, senior analyst, financial services technology, Ovum said. “This will drive an increase in IT infrastructure spending, as well as a focus on servicing systems to improve customer loyalty levels.”

Bursa Malaysia goes live with new trading engine

Bursa Malaysia has launched a new trading engine, Bursa Trade Securities 2 (BTS2) powered by NASDAQ OMX’s X-stream INET.

The new platform handles trading of equities, fixed income, exchange-traded funds and issuer warrants for the Malaysian bourse, and went live on 2 December.

"The delivery of the BTS2 project is a significant milestone for the Exchange,” Dato' Tajuddin Atan, CEO, Bursa Malaysia, said. “We are pleased to have partnered with NASDAQ OMX, to advance our trading platform to support the future needs for the securities market.”