The Tradetech Daily

The TradeTech Daily 2008 Issue 2

The TradeTech Daily 2008 Issue 2

The TradeTech Daily Issue 2: Focus Day

In this issue:

Does Article 21 undermine best execution?
Article 21 denounced as a missed opportunity rendered impotent by Brussels compromise 

Market frustrated by lack of urgency in MiFID review
Equity markets must wait till 2010 for change 

Benefi ts, what MiFID benefi ts?
Buy-side delegates’ lukewarm response to MiFID 

MiFID spurs innovation
Delegates focus on the business benefits that MiFID has initiated 

Best execution remains a moving target
Delegates and panellists agree to disagree on the meaning and implications of best execution 

No pain, no gain for Europe’s exchanges
The incumbent exchanges must be prepared to make tariff cuts and cannibalise their income if they are to take on the new wave of faster, cheaper execution venues setting up in Europe 

More fog settles on clearing
With the voluntary code on interoperability at a standstill, the industry seeks direction on reforming Europe’s complex clearing and settlement infrastructure 

Europe on fast track to SOR
Thanks to the US market’s experience of developing and implementing smart order routing, Europe should be able to avail itself of the technology both swiftly and easily 

What do you really need on your trading desk?
Diverse priorities for the trading desk were evident in the panel discussion on technology needs post-MiFID 

Dealing with change
The obstacles to major corporate change programmes are not always visible, says Martin Glenn, CEO, Iglo Bird’s Eye 

CSAs on track
Two years of UK engagement with CSAs resulted in a broadly positive assessment by both buy- and sell-side 

Chi-X branches out
Trading platform examines where to set up next following launch of global holding company 

Taking MiFID beyond the trading floor
Brian Mitchell, head of dealing and portfolio control, Baring Asset Management gives a buy-side view of the issues that TradeTech needs to be tackling 

Fidessa launches Intelligent Liquidity Access in Europe
Technology provider partners with Europe’s new trading platforms 

Chi-X Europe uses Equinix data centres
Chi-X customers offered proximity-hosting solution 

29West and Skyler form partnership
Customers enjoy the best of both worlds with low latency messaging solution 

Progress Apama and Detica take on rogue traders
Market surveillance tool launched to detect rogue traders and other undesirable trading practices 

Deutsche Börse extends use of Corvil’s technology
Exchange rolls out latency measuring tool worldwide 

Balarkas takes the lead at Instinet Europe
Appointment completes Instinet Europe’s new senior management team 

Equiduct to extend VBBO to all liquid stocks
Real-time information now available for new pricing benchmark 

Portware connects to Chi-X Europe
Portware clients get direct access to MTF 

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