The Tradetech Daily

The TradeTech Daily 2009 Issue 1

The TradeTech Daily 2009 Issue 1

The TradeTech Daily 2009 Issue 1: Advance edition

In this issue:

Are you happy with your broker?
Buy-side traders complain of reduced service from restructuring brokers 

Let there be light
Will the rapid evolution of non-displayed trading venues leave price discovery in the dark? 

Planning for the future
The TRADETech Daily spoke to Ian Peacock, CEO of CA Cheuvreux London and global head of trading, about his expectations for TradeTech 2009 and the issues that he believes need to be aired. 

Which MTF will be the first to fall?
With order flow severely diminished, competing on price in a bid to win market share is no longer a strategy trading venues can afford 

Best execution in turbulent markets
The mostly benign market conditions since the turn of the century proved an ideal incubator for best execution, writes Bob Giffords, but will stormier seas knock buy-side traders off course? 

Lost and found
Big brokers focus on winning back client trust 

Buy-side demands more algo control
Portfolio and multi-asset strategies in the pipeline 

Hedge funds in the firing line
Hedge funds are bracing themselves for a year of change 

ITG launches portfolio algorithm
New strategy aimed at quant and portfolio traders 

Nomura to showcase ModelEx at TradeTech
Japanese broker makes TradeTech debut 

ACTIV joins Atrium’s low-latency network
Data vendor to leverage Atrium’s venue connections 

Bernstein set to reveal new trading services
New markets plus algos to premiere at TradeTech 

Aleri adds consolidated data features to MLA engine
Enhancement aims to help traders tackle fragmentation 

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