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The TradeTech Daily 2009 Issue 4

The TradeTech Daily 2009 Issue 4

The TradeTech Daily 2009 Issue 4

In this issue:

Venues braced for great leap forward
As pan-European trading infrastructure emerge, MTFs and exchanges clash on clearing and consolidated tape 

Regulatory clarity required on dark pools
Buy-side must exercise due diligence when trading in the dark 

Algos help traders ride out the storm
In today’s trading climate, capturing liquidity and getting the trade done are the most highly regarded attributes of an algorithm 

A bigger umbrella for FIX activity
FIX protocol has moved beyond its origins in the equity market and is now focusing on enabling both exchanges and regulators 

Due diligence starts at home
FSA provides TradeTech delegates with a master class on controlling risk from within the enterprise 

Order flow on the up – Liquidnet
Block crossing network reports strong signs that institutions are coming back to market 

Electronic trading “critical” to BofA/Merrill EMEA equities unit
BofA’s balance sheet to benefit Merril’s buy-side clients 

Swedbank uses SunGard SOR to tackle fragmentation
Cross-asset trading platform offers multiple venue execution capabilities and reduced operational risk 

The trading community of the future
How will the role of technology change the financial markets in the future? 

Crisis spurs multi-asset trading
Technical challenges remain despite enthusiasm for unified trading approaches 

No closure on key issues
Participants in the roundtable discussion identified a number of challenges likely to reappear on next year’s conference agenda 

The dark side of Paris
Asked to reflect on this year’s event, delegates spoke of the marked change year-on-year, in particular how dark pools headlined at TradeTech 2009. For one US delegate, however, Europe is still playing catch-up 

“We cannot cope with another wave of regulation”
Industry looks beyond MiFID’s best execution requirement for measures to stem the tide of prescriptive reform 

Dark pools at odds with price discovery
Taking liquidity away from the public order book threatens the buy-side’s ability to discover prices, say top investment managers 

London data fog to clear
FSA “weeks away” from proposing a framework for post-trade reporting 

Buy-side hampered by transaction cost paralysis
Heads of desk demand more value from TCA providers 

Market conditions stress-test TCA
A combination of increased fragmentation and volatile trading conditions is forcing both service providers and users to revisit their use of transaction cost analysis to provide meaningful input in the search for cost reduction 

Best price does not equal best execution
Costs of trading are on a downward trend, but the future lies in allowing participants to pay for targeted fl ow 

Buy-side seek streamlined IT solutions
Firms under pressure to do more with less 

No template for the ideal desk
Effective technology is a sine qua non for a successful trading desk, but there is no perfect solution 

SOR winners on the European stage
Has smart order routing made a successful transition to Europe? 

Tough time for traders despite green shoots of recovery
The opening speakers at TradeTech 2009 delivered a sober assessment of the state of the equity markets and the likely progress towards a more sustainable commercial future for conference delegates 

Bear facts
TradeTech takes place this year with mixed views of whether a recovery is in sight 

Brokers adapt to buy-side’s ‘broad touch’ needs
Brokers predict consolidation… for MTFs 

Back to growth in 2011
The rapid policy response to the economic crisis bodes well for a resumption of growth 

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