The Tradetech Daily

The TradeTech Daily 2010 Issue 3

The TradeTech Daily 2010 Issue 3

The TradeTech Daily 2010 Issue 3

In this issue:

High hopes for MiFID review
Era of lower costs for all beckons 

“The world is OK”
Goldman Sachs economist Jim O’Neill backs Britain – but China still moves the world 

Recession realigns institutional priorities
Financial institutions can no longer afford to focus on specific products and geographies  

History lesson in progress
Will the industry build on the gains made by trading in the last 25 years or lose them? 

Panel still out on what’s best post-trade
Uncertainty persists over how to lower post-trade clearing and settlement costs 

War of attrition breaks new ground
Are brokers encroaching on exchange territory or vice versa? 

Exploding the high-speed myth
High-velocity traders might not have the unfair advantage some like to think 

Just who is the retail investor?
Markets wrestle with similar challenges on both sides of the Atlantic 

SSGA roadmap to the centralised desk
Creating a single trading desk helps the buy-side to maximise returns 

Buy-side unclear of post-MiFID trading tool benefits
Fragmentation has led to a lack of transparency about the performance of broker trading tools 

Opportunity knocks – quietly
Infrastructure remains an issue – but high-growth markets can teach developed ones much about transparency 

It’s TradeTech… but not as we know it!
Guest writer John Edge tunes into the latest gossip and banter from the TradeTech floor 

Software firms push new surveillance systems
New systems aim to provide better trade activity monitoring 

JSE to launch block trading service
Block X to build on recent volume growth 

LSE adds new price tier for high-volume traders
Free trading for qualifying passive orders from May 

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