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The TradeTech Daily 2010 Issue 4 – Final day & highlights

The TradeTech Daily 2010 Issue 4 – Final day & highlights

The TradeTech Daily 2010 Issue 1: Advance edition

In this issue:

Hands off dark pools!
Regulators warned against rules that could stifle dark trading 

Agency brokers play to their strengths
Is consolidation inevitable in the non-dealer niche? 

Castles in the air
Don’t build it until they come – the buy-side verdict on multi-asset trading desks  

Brokers keep faith in equities
As the resurgence in equities trading takes hold, banks are developing new trading tools 

TradeTech gives way to entrepreneurial flare
Can academic research find a place in the hearts and minds of financial businesses? 

Dealing with the cost of success
New market structures must include user choice in clearing arrangements, says Robert Barnes, managing director, UBS 

Volcanic clouds and dark pools
TradeTech 2010 proved a testing week in more ways than one, with delegates and speakers delayed by the eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano. But ultimately it was in the panel sessions and topics of debate that the greatest challenges presented themselves to the industry. 

Are OMS and EMS part of the same package?
Do all buy-side firms need both an OMS and an EMS or is that the wrong question? 

Vendors struggle to keep pace with the front office
Trading technology has to be flexible and scalable if the buy-side wants to take full advantage of the new fragmented market environment 

High hopes for MiFID review
Era of lower costs for all beckons 

Buy-side must speak as one on regulation
Traders’ voices go unheard in MiFID review process 

Recession realigns institutional priorities
Financial institutions can no longer afford to focus on specific products and geographies 

History lesson in progress
Will the industry build on the gains made by trading in the last 25 years or lose them? 

Europe’s buy-side play catch up with HFT
Buy-side must get smarter to stop being disadvantaged by high-frequency strategies and stop unintended regulatory consequences 

Exploding the high-speed myth
High-velocity traders might not have the unfair advantage some like to think 

War of attrition breaks new ground
Are brokers encroaching on exchange territory or vice versa? 

Trading on the old model
Trading venues need not be limited to the traditional public limit order book model 

KYB – know your broker
To judge the efficacy of smart order routers buy-side traders are urged to stay on top of brokers 

It’s good to talk
People and service still make a difference to broker selection 

Who dares wins
Opportunities await traders who embrace new technologies 

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