The Tradetech Daily

The TradeTech Daily 2011 Issue 1

Moving into the mainstream
Practitioners make the case for HFT at TradeTech focus day 

MiFID II: Sequel or equaliser ?
New rules may over-compensate for MiFID’s failings 

A different game
Kevin Cronin, global head of equity trading, Invesco, says that institutional investors in Europe have a “great opportunity” to shape the region’s securities market to support capital formation  

A new dawn for derivatives ?
More questions than answers as G-20 deadline approaches 

“The only way to counter populist tendencies is with facts”
Kay Swinburne, Conservative MEP for Wales, member of the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, and a former investment banker, tells The TRADETech Daily that institutional investors’ concerns are being heard in Brussels 

Under the bonnet
TCA the starting point for fine-tuning execution performance 

The calm after the storm
Roger Bootle, managing director, Capital Economics, says the macroeconomic rollercoaster of recent years is about to be replaced by a much slower, safer – but far less interesting – ride 

Act in haste, repent at leisure
Almost a year after the 6 May ‘flash crash’, could vetting of algorithms be the next step toward greater market stability ? 

Think smart: route it yourself
Buy-side threatens sell-side dominance of SOR technology 

The TradeTech Daily 2011 Issue 2 - Focus day