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The TradeTech Daily 2011 Issue 2 – Focus day

Make your voices heard
Industry collaboration will be vital in determining new rules for HFT

Nothing to fear from HFT
The interests of high frequency traders should not be seen as antagonistic to those of mainstream investor

Market will force best execution as consolidation looms
Market – rather than regulatory – pressure will drive the financial services sector to adopt best execution

Lessons from the ‘flash crash’
Legislators and the press don’t understand HFT, according to Garrett Nenner of Momentum Trading. “It’s engineers we need to reach.

Is HFT good for business?
Matteo Cassina, president, execution, Citadel Europe, captured the mood of delegates at the afternoon debate on the value of high frequency trading, when he noted that if there is nothing wrong with an underlying trade, there is nothing wrong with  doing it fast

Regulatory arbitrage strategy
High frequency trading (HFT) presents two questions for regulators; is it fair and could it lead to a serious problem in the markets? 

HFT traders anticipate the next crisis
High frequency traders are playing by changing rules, argues panel 

TCA under the microscope
Brokers join TradingScreen in the search for best practice in TCA

EuroCCP and Pipeline prepare for MTF launch
Block Board MTF platform to cater for large orders

Seeing in real time
Panopticon and Kx Systems partnership to offer ultra high-speed visual analysis

ITG solution sheds light on  dark aggregation
ITG Allocator allows buy-side traders to manage liquidity aggregation across all available dark venues

Knight introduces Knight Match EuropeLiquidity venue combines retail and institutional equity flows in pursuit of price improvement


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