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Editor’s note:

It’s event season once again, and 2022 has certainly been a year of reunions – it’s so good to be able to gather together in the same room again. We’re delighted to be back in Amsterdam with WBR to welcome you to TradeTech FX 2022 with the official event magazine, bringing you all the information you need to accompany the next three days.

This year’s TradeTech FX Daily provides you with crucial coverage including in-depth interviews with keynote speakers, detailed features on some of the most pressing issues of the day, and of course the full event agenda to help organise your time.

NBIM’s Ankur Pruthi gives us exclusive insight into the development (and future) of the FX Global Code, MEAG’s Elke Wenzler discusses how to navigate today’s turbulent markets and Man Group’s Gary Collier explores the importance of upskilling your workforce to prepare for the future. This year we also bring together some of the industry’s most active buy-side traders to speak ‘From the Floor’ on their own experiences of the FX markets, and how they’re handling the unprecedented volatility. Our features take a look at the convergence of crypto and conventional finance, the unstoppable rise of NDFs, and an exploration of biggest issues impacting the FX world today and how to weather that storm.

With rates going the way they’re going, inflation doing what it’s doing, and markets bouncing around the way they’re bouncing, it’s going to be a busy season post-summer – and there’s certainly a lot to talk about this week, so we can’t wait to get started.

Enjoy Amsterdam!

Laurie McAughtry

Managing editor, The TRADE

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The TRADETech Daily 2022