Trading tech firms partner for voice data tool

Firms launch voice trading analytics and surveillance tool.

Insightful Technology and enepath have teamed up to launch a tool which allows voice trading to be integrated with other trading data.

The tool combines Insightful’s Soteria - an analytics, monitoring and case reconstruction platform - with enepath’s voice recording technology.

It was designed to provide firms with the best possible voice capture, real-time analytics and e-surveillance capabilities and allows multi-channel voice recording of both inbound and outbound communications, both firms said.

The solution comes at a time when many traders are looking to hold on to voice execution, despite a migration towards electronic trading in recent years.

Gavin Davis, chief executive officer at enepath, explained reviewing and analysis voice trading conversations has long been a time consuming and tedious task.

“The ideal format for this is text. To be able to transpose from voice into text, firms need incredibly good quality audio without any over-talk, cross-talk or compression,” he said.

The tool integrates all multimedia content at pre-and post-trade, including voice from trading turrets, mobile phones and fixed lines - as well as data from email, SMS, instant messaging and social media.

Steve Garrood, chief commercial officer at Insightful Technology, added the partnership “empowers” firms to record, store, reconstruct and analyse all communications in real-time.

“This not only means that businesses meet with regulatory requirements including MiFID II, but also provides them with a compliant, competitive advantage and alleviates the very real pressures on compliance officers,” he said.