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   Company description:
TradingScreen is the leading provider of broker neutral electronic trading solutions to the buy-side. TradingScreen offers suite of execution management and connectivity solutions encompassing all asset classes across global markets.

   OMS/EMS products:

  • TradePrime: A

    suite of products that targets the needs of the alternative asset manager and includes amongst many other features, full integration with its Prime Broker(s), upload of SOD positions, position and P&L tracking, a financing view and a connection to each administrator.

  • TradeEMS: A suite of products that addresses the complex needs of a traditional asset manager. Based on very extensive analysis of the workflow that is required to best support the buy-side trader, it has been recognised as the most effective and complete range of tools available today. It also offers a very simple, modular implementation. for portfolio slice and dice, real-time P&L, strategy management, modelling, what-if scenarios and order generation

  • TradeSmart: A customisable front-end GUI (Graphical User Interface) enabling buy-side clients to trade a broad portfolio of financial instruments. Through TradeSmart, clients have the ability to trade around the clock on any market with seamless access to the largest number of counterparties available from any one provider. for order management, trading (EMS) and post trade processing

  • TradeExcel: For those clients who want to build their own trading models and strategies within Microsoft Excel and need access to TradingScreen’s pricing and execution capabilities integrated into an Excel spreadsheet environment, TradingScreen offers TradeExcel. for pre- and post-trade investment compliance

  • TradeFIX: TradingScreen offers this FIX-based application program interface to those clients who want direct connectivity to TradingScreen’s multi-broker order routing engine via a FIX gateway configuration. TradingScreen ensures normalisation across FIX versions and data mapping.

  • TradeLink: TradeLink automates the sending of orders to TradingScreen’s execution management system from the client’s order management systems and black box models. It also enables the automated retrieval of the trader’s execution data, without the implementation of any heavier application program interface or FIX connection and can integrate with any legacy system.



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