TradingScreen integrates Quantitative Brokers’ spread trading algo

Quantitative Brokers’ algorithms were designed for fixed income and futures markets.

TradingScreen (TS) is to integrate Quantitative Brokers’ multi-leg spread trading algorithm onto its TradeSmart platform.

Known as Legger, the algorithm is part of four futures and fixed income algos designed by Quantitative Brokers to allow traders to coordinate execution of multiple leg orders.

Quentin Limouzi, head of sales for TS, explained its team is anticipating the next technology for the buy-side to continue development of the TradeSmart platform.

“Because of this work, we can deliver the Legger algo to futures traders around the globe and build upon TradeSmart’s continual expansion of offerings, which now includes all of Quantitative Brokers’ proprietary algorithms,” he said.

Guy Cirillo, head of partnerships sales at Quantitative Brokers, added the algorithms are specifically engineered for the futures and fixed income markets and solve challenging execution problems for users.

Last month, TS integrated OTAS Technologies’ analytics onto its TradeSmart platform, providing clients with real-time analytics and market intelligence.

TS added the integration could minimise trading costs for users and meet pre- and post-trade best execution requirements.