TradingScreen launches first futures algorithmic hub

Execution management system (EMS) provider TradingScreen yesterday launched a new trading product called "FuturesHUB".
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Execution management system (EMS) provider TradingScreen yesterday launched a new trading product called “FuturesHUB”. FuturesHUB allows buy-side clients to use the same graphical user interface to trade across multiple futures commission merchants (FCMs), markets and financial products. Additionally, the product introduces access to trading algorithms on derivative products such as futures and options.

FuturesHUB permits buy-side clients active in listed derivatives to use TradeSmart or TradeFIX to reach most of the FCM community for algorithms, traditional DMA, discretionary orders, or phone orders through one single screen or FIX connection. Most clients' traditional set-ups of multiple dedicated broker screens are prone to error and back-end incompatibility, and are costly, according to TradingScreen. FuturesHUB allows a client to access and choose among various brokers, all visible on the same screen, while maintaining the same connectivity, ergonomics, position, P&L and post-trade allocation system. FuturesHUB is backed up by 24 hour, 6 day per week global customer support. There are already 25 brokers offering their services through FuturesHUB, of which eight are offering algorithms on futures and/or options. The number is rapidly growing, reports TradingScreen.

"FuturesHUB is resolving one of the most difficult issues faced by the buy-side clients today: How to benefit from the algorithmic trading offering of multiple FCMs while retaining the simplicity and efficiency of a single trading platform. This has been extremely challenging until now, due to the multiplicity of screens and the complexity of post-trade management which results from it," says Philippe Buhannic, CEO, TradingScreen. "Clients trading futures and options can now leverage the connectivity, instantaneous deployment and standardised straight-through-processing output of TradingScreen while accessing FCM's algorithms for futures and options in a single ticket, on a single screen. FuturesHUB provides a completely new trading concept to the listed-derivatives buy-side trader."

"At Calyon Financial we constantly adapt to the ever-changing needs of our clients," says Leslie Sutphen, Calyon Financial's global head of e-brokerage strategy. "One of our recent changes has been to provide our clients with algorithmic trading tools, an essential part of our execution service offering. Integrating with a trading platform such as TradingScreen, which is recognised as a leader in providing algorithmic trading functionality, gives Calyon Financial the ability to bring our clients the best of both worlds: simplicity and immediacy."

"Integrating AES Futures with TradingScreen is key to our initiative of spreading the AES algorithms across asset classes. We are pleased to be part of the newly created FuturesHUB offering," comments Andrew Yao, Credit Suisse AES Futures. Guy Cirillo, Credit Suisse AES global channel sales manager adds, "This extends the AES product offering to truly provide a multi-asset global solution for our clients."

"The market and the clients in listed derivatives are starting to see the significant benefit that algorithmic trading can bring to their trading strategies," says Rob Hedges, executive director, exchange-traded derivatives, UBS. "UBS has been focused on building the right products for these needs. TradingScreen complements our strategy and allows a deep integration into clients' infrastructure," he continues.