TS Imagine shares fixed income electronic trading momentum indicators

Among the findings was an increase in user volume – TradeSmart Fixed Income EMS reported a 300% increase in users since 2021.

TS Imagine has revealed its latest fixed income electronic trading momentum indicators, highlighting three specific indicative areas: growth in user numbers and increased electronic trading volumes; expanded direct dealer connectivity; and new products and next generation features.

Rob Flatley, chief executive of TS Imagine explained that all indicators demonstrate a notable increase in adoption rates across the market, adding: “Fixed income traders have become acutely aware of the impact electronic trading can have on their individual performance and their company’s bottom line through transaction cost savings. It’s simple: when they trade electronically, their workflow and quality of life improves dramatically.”

The business shared that the TradeSmart Fixed Income EMS has seen significant growth in electronic bond trading volumes, with total electronic bond trading volumes surpassing $500 billion over the last year.

In addition, the EMS saw a 300% increase in user numbers since Q1 2021 – more than 500 traders across 45 firms are now reported to be using the technology.

In terms of expanded direct dealer connectivity, the business highlighted that users of the TradeSmart Fixed Income EMS are currently able to access 20 venues and connect to eight  fixed-income dealers, with more dealer connections expected in the coming months.

The trading of additional fixed income products is another indicator highlighted by the business. TradeSmart Fixed Income EMS expanded its offering to include: all cash and derivatives for rates and credit, munis, government sponsored entities (GSEs), emerging markets, and money markets.

Spencer Lee, chief markets officer and head of fixed income, said: “Challenging market conditions over the past two years have driven traders to seek out the best and most user-friendly technological solutions that allow them to cope with volatility and other unprecedented market dynamics.”

TS Imagine added various next generation features to its TradeSmart Fixed Income Execution Management System (EMS) earlier this month. The technology was designed to improve workflow efficiency for traders in the global bond market and included features such as the liquidity snapshot.