ULLINK, Dion Global Solutions, Tyler Capital and more…

Low-latency trading technology provider ULLINK will offer market-making functionality after acquiring a substantial stake in trading software supplier Hexapod Solutions.

ULLINK offer market making functionality with acquisition 

Low-latency trading technology provider ULLINK will offer market-making functionality after acquiring a substantial stake in trading software supplier Hexapod Solutions.

The acquisition extends ULLINK’s product suite to offer connectivity, order management, pre-trade risk and other tools alongside the new market-making function.

Hexapod’s market making solution, called UL MMBOX, maintains prices in the market based on a pre-defined set of rules to secure liquidity, and will be integrated into ULLINK’s existing product line.

“In our efforts to constantly address our clients’ growing needs, we have chosen to partner with Hexapod for the values they share with ULLINK and because they further our strategic growth,” ULLINK CEO Laurent Useldinger said.

Dion extends market data offering 

Technology provider Dion Global Solutions has increased its market data product offering with the launch of a market data aggregation and validation engine.

The Market Data Centre (MDC) lets users manage market data from any asset class or source. Each feed is validated and can be fed into downstream applications including pricing or trading engines.

“MDC gives companies access to accurate and consistent market data across the organisation. The improvement in price generation that this delivers is a major factor in firms’ revenue growth,” Andreas Wagner, managing director at Dion, said.

The MDC is based on Dion’s I-Pricer product, which is used by a variety of financial institutions and offers real-time price calculation across multiple asset classes.

Tyler Capital selects OneTick for quant research 

Prop trading firm Tyler Capital will use market data provider OneTick for quant research, rapid strategy development and signal generation for derivatives trading across Europe, North America and Asia.

Tyler Capital focuses on global futures trading and OneTick will support the firm's complex event processing, analytics and historical and real-time tick data processing.

“The ability to conduct both our mathematical research and run our quant strategies all in one place provides us with the ability to uncover new sources of alpha and generate trading signals, enabling us to make quicker and smarter investment decisions,” said Steve Everett, managing partner at Tyler Capital.

OneTick assists traders with analysing data and acts as a complex event processing solution and a tick database.

Orange teams up with Natterbox for mobile voice recording 

Orange Business Services – Trading Solutions has partnered with cloud voice services company Natterbox to provide a mobile voice recording service to help financial institutions with regulatory compliance.

The network-based solution offers users mobile call recording without the need to install apps or software, and the service works on networks partnered with Orange, internationally.

Any organisation regulated by the Financial Services Authority will be able to license the service and become compliant with legislation on mobile call recording.

“Our mobile voice recording solution not only provides what clients need for compliance purposes but goes above and beyond, enabling better detection and prevention of fraud for robust governance, adding additional value to their systems,” Lionel Grosclaude, CEO of Orange Business Solutions – Trading Solutions, said.

Calypso provides front- to-back support for Banco Penta 

Derivatives and treasury platform provider Calypso will support Chile’s Banco Penta for the processing of interest rate derivatives. 

The bank, which focuses on capital markets, asset management and corporate finance, licensed Calypso’s integrated technology as part of its expansion into capital markets.

The system will support the bank's local and international products including cross-currency swaps and interest rate swaps in foreign currencies with local benchmarks.

“After a long and thorough analysis of the alternatives available, it was clear that Calypso provides the combination of a system that can support the complete process for all relevant asset classes with the implementation experience in the Chilean market,” Daniel Subelman, head of capital markets for Banco Penta and chairman for Penta Stock Exchange Brokers, said.

TIBCO joins Quartet for cloud offering 

Technology provider Quartet FS will offer its in-memory analytics product ActivePivot using TIBCO's Silver Fabric cloud solution to increase data sizes and reduce costs for clients.

ActivePivot helps firms deploy in-memory analytics to solve operational challenges, while the cloud functionality lets clients migrate their existing applications to a lower cost model.

Quartet clients will be able to process more data at a faster rate, while reducing operational and capital costs.

“Large enterprise organisations seeking actionable intelligence from their core IT systems recognise ActivePivot as a market leader for in-memory, distributed architecture analytics technology. We are excited about the joint value proposition for our customers to leverage this technology partnership,” Peter Lee, senior vice president at TIBCO, said.