Buy-side traders look to combine OMS and EMS

Traders are seeking more control over order handling through combining OMS and EMS system.

Buy-side traders are looking for an integrated order and execution management system, not yet available on the market, as they seek further control over order handling. 

A recent survey carried out by Greenwich Associates polled 258 buy-side traders, and found 61% of participants are keen to implement a comprehensive order management system (OMS) and execution management system (EMS) platform. 

Richard Johnson, vice president at Greenwich Associates, explained equity traders are looking for an ‘edge’.

He said: “Traditional order management systems certainly provide the baseline capabilities to route orders via brokers’ algorithms but lack the additional controls and colour that give those active equities traders an edge.” 

Combining OMS and EMS systems will give traders more control over orders, as equity execution venues and tools pour onto the market.

Currently, there is no such management solution available. 

Despite the clear interest, nine out of ten traders surveyed by Greenwich Associates said they have no plans to change their EMS provider in the next year.