Citadel holds off KCG for OTC non-ATS dark trading volumes

Citadel Securities holds top spot for total OTC non-ATS dark trades, 33% higher than second biggest KCG.

Statistics on over-the-counter (OTC), non-alternative trading system (ATS) dark trading volumes revealed Citadel Securities volumes were 33% higher than KCG’s.

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) released volume statistics on OTC non-ATS dark trading which showed Citadel Securities’ holds the top spot for dark trading volumes.

FINRA’s data covers two weeks (ended 28/4/2016) of tier 1 firms’ trade volumes, and disclosed Citadel’s size in the space compared to KCG, which was the second biggest in terms of volumes.

Citadel made a total of 3,134,953 trades, compared to KCG where trades totalled 2,112,151.

KCG’s volume is 33% lower than Citadel, despite being the second highest for tier 1 firms.

Citadel’s total shares volumes were 30% higher than KCG’s, reaching 1,125,340,149, compared to KCG’s 783,931,890.

The OTC non-ATS transparency data is gathered from data reported by member firms to the FINRA equity trade reporting facilities.     

Citadel recently announced an expansion to its market-making services, which it hopes will increase market share in Europe.