Deutsche Bank, BM&F Bovespa, NYSE Technologies and more…

Deutsche Bank's Autobahn Equity trading business has expanded its µltra field programmable gate array product suite to all major US stock exchange co-location facilities.
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Deutsche Bank enhances DMA service 

Deutsche Bank’s Autobahn Equity trading business has expanded its µltra field programmable gate array (FPGA) product suite to all major US stock exchange co-location facilities. The μltra FPGA platform is designed to provide high volume, ultra-low latency direct market access to US equity markets including NYSE, NYSE Arca, Nasdaq OMX, Direct Edge and BATS.

The platform first went live at the Carteret, New Jersey data centre offering co-location to Nasdaq OMX in March.

µltra FPGA carries out pre-trade compliance and risk management checks while minimising order latency delays. The solution was designed to run from Deutsche Bank’s cabinets at exchange data centres so that Deutsche Bank retains direct and exclusive control over the device at all times.

Latency monitoring service provider Correlix RaceTeam recently measured µltra FPGA’s pre-trade risk management gateway latency at 1.35 microseconds for messages sent to Nasdaq OMX and 1.75 microseconds for FIX messages.

Perseus Telecom connects to BM&F Bovespa 

Global telecommunications provider Perseus Telecom claims it has created the fastest available trading connection to BM&F Bovespa, via a partnership with GlobeNet, an international wholesale provider of submarine capacity.

Perseus Telecom now provides a low-latency route linking Sao Paulo and New York, providing comparable speeds with London to New York. The new connection allows traders and financial firms to develop high-frequency trading strategies, products and services incorporating securities traded through Bovespa.

The high capacity route will create a connection that will completely avoid the highly congested NYC metro area and connect directly to the New Jersey Nasdaq facility; therefore creating new express connectivity with Chicago, Toronto, London and Tokyo financial exchanges without having to traverse traditional carrier networks.

GlobeNet provides international capacity services between North and South America over a dual ring-protected, fibre optic submarine cable system serving Bermuda, Brazil, Colombia, US, and Venezuela.

NYSE Technologies adds data centre and boosts SuperFeed 

NYSE Technologies, the commercial technology unit of NYSE Euronext, has entered into a strategic agreement with data centre operator DuPont Fabros Technology to build and operate a secure financial transaction infrastructure (SFTI) Access Center in New Jersey.

The new Access Center will offer full service and support for NYSE Technologies’ SFTI network including access to all NYSE Euronext US equities and derivatives markets, NMS data and over 20 additional US market centres. A direct low latency SFTI Optic link will also be available to NYSE Euronext’s US Liquidity Center in Mahwah, New Jersey.

The new SFTI Access Center is scheduled to be operational in the first quarter of 2012.

The new SFTI Access Center is intended to offer market participants more direct connections to markets and market information.

Separately, NYSE Technologies has made enhancements to its low-latency real time market data solution, SuperFeed. Market participants will now have access to new direct data feed content and value-added services from NYSE Global Indices, Nasdaq OMX BX, Nasdaq OMX PSX, BATS, Athens Stock Exchange, Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the Cyprus Stock Exchange.

“SuperFeed greatly streamlines and enhances the delivery of real-time market information from exchanges around the world while eliminating the cost and complexity of managing in-house ticker plants and performing data maintenance for disparate global market centers,” said Stanley Young, CEO, NYSE Technologies.

Additional markets to launch new feed content on NYSE Technologies SuperFeed in the second half of 2011 include NSX Depth of Book, CHX Depth of Book, CBSX Depth of Book, TMX’s CDF, Prague Stock Exchange, Budapest Stock Exchange, Bucharest Stock Exchange, Bulgarian Stock Exchange, German Regional Markets, Warsaw Stock Exchange, MICEX, and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

BATS Europe introduces binary order entry protocol 

Pan-European multilateral trading facility BATS Europe has launched a Binary Order Entry (BOE) protocol. BOE is the proprietary BATS order entry protocol and has been designed to maximise speed, efficiency and implementation simplicity.

BOE allows order-by-order DROP; real time latency monitoring will also be available for BOE ports. BOE will only be available via the new BATS Europe data centre in Equinix Slough. BATS Europe will make BOE available in production from 4 November 2011.

FIX order entry protocol will continue to be available via both the current BATS Europe data centre, Savvis Docklands and from the new data centre in Slough.