Deutsche Börse, NYSE Technologies, RTS and more…

Deutsche Börse has added another access point to its global trading network at data centre operator Equinix’s ZH4 facility in Zurich.

Deutsche Börse plans new Swiss link 

Deutsche Börse has added another access point to its global trading network at data centre operator Equinix’s ZH4 facility in Zurich.

The new access point, which will be available from Q3, can be used by the members of the German exchange group’s Xetra cash equities market, as well as its Eurex derivatives platform. It will give market participants an average latency of 2.6 milliseconds for the Zurich-Frankfurt connection and 6.9 milliseconds for the Zurich-London connection.

SIX Swiss Exchange already uses Equinix’s the Zurich data centre to host its co-location service, offering further latency advantage for market participants connected to both bourses.

“This new access point in Switzerland enables us to make access to liquidity even quicker and easier to use for our customers,” said Matthias Kluber, executive vice president at Deutsche Börse. “After having connected our data centres in Frankfurt and Singapore in a comparable manner, this is one more step towards efficiently linking the world’s major financial centres.”

NYSE Technologies extends US, Polish services 

NYSE Euronext has made changes to its US Liquidity Centre in New Jersey, aimed at reducing customer costs, increasing platform flexibility and broadening access to the facility. For the first time, financial services vendors now have the opportunity to acquire data centre space and offer their services within NYSE Technologies’ US liquidity centre. 

With new rooms being built in New Jersey and expected to open in the first quarter of 2013, NYSE Technologies, the commercial technology arm of NYSE Euronext, will offer direct access to telecoms providers. This complements the existing secure financial transaction infrastructure (SFTI) optic, IP, wave and other services that are currently provided. Users will also have greater flexibility in connectivity with the ability to deploy direct fibre cross-connects to other co-location participants.

“Our vision has always been to create a completely unique environment that enables global trading for customers of all sizes and sophistications, trading anywhere in the world,” said Stanley Young, CEO, NYSE Technologies.

NYSE Technologies has also recently announced a market data partnership with Poland’s Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE), providing customers with access to the WSE’s market data. Through the partnership, users will be able to access WSE data via the SFTI and NYSE Technologies’ SuperFeed.

“In 2010 we agreed with NYSE Euronext to embark on a common journey for technological cooperation, as well as common business initiatives, and we are very pleased with the results of our strategic alliance,” said Ludwik Sobolewski, president and CEO of the WSE. “This project supports the international strategy of the WSE, and in the coming years we will be firmly tied to the trends shaping the evolution of the global capital markets.”

RTS connects to China’s futures bourses 

Technology vendor RTS Realtime Systems Group (RTS) has established a link to all four Chinese futures markets.

The trading solutions providers now offers access to the Shanghai Futures Exchange, Dalian Commodities Exchange, Zhengzhou Commodities Exchange and China Financial Futures Exchange.

Using the access points with RTS’s execution systems – such as its RTD Tango tool – buy- and sell-side clients in China can code, test and deploy customised algorithmic trading strategies for these markets. 

RTS solutions are server-based and also available in a fully hosted environment in close proximity to the exchanges.

“There is a growing demand throughout the Chinese institutional investor and trading community to provide traders with customised algorithmic strategies,” said Andy Woodhouse, managing director, Asia Pacific, RTS. “RTD Tango will let sell-side firms build customisable algorithms for their buy-side clients, which will operate on domestic markets and manage high volumes of order flow.”

Kyte Group opts for Object Trading co-location solution 

Integrated clearing, broking and investment service provider Kyte Group has chosen to extend its global co-location DMA coverage via Object Trading.

Kyte previously used Object Trading for customers connected to its London and Frankfurt co-location offices. It is now expanding its coverage to Chicago and Milan.

Object Trading has provided European cash equities and European and North American derivatives data for Kyte’s screen and algo customers connected to the firm’s London co-location offices for the past three years. Object also provides low-latency prices and pre-trade risk managed order routing for Ktye through FrontRisk, a pre-trade risk tool.

“By providing Kyte with a single way of both managing risk and accessing the numerous exchanges where they transact, they have the flexibility to improve performance while keeping costs low,” said Steve Woodyatt, CEO of Object Trading.

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange embraces Nasdaq OMX technology 

The Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) has entered an agreement with Nasdaq OMX to upgrade its trading platform using the firm’s X-stream technology, in the second half of 2013.

Under the terms of the deal, ADX renews its contract with Nasdaq OMX for a further five years. The new trading platform will cover equities, fixed income and exchange-traded funds with the possibility to introduce additional instruments. Nasdaq OMX has been delivering trading technology to ADX since 2000.

“Since partnering with ADX they have achieved great results by recognising and capitalising on technology as a means to compete,” said Lars Ottersgard, senior vice president Nasdaq OMX market technology. “Efficient trading technology continues to be a key success factor in order to grow liquidity and ADX’s contract extension and selection of X-stream will put them in a prime position for continued growth.”

MarketPrizm offers connectivity for Marex Spectron 

MarketPrizm, a provider of market data and trading infrastructure services, has launched a DMA solution to support clients of commodity broker Marex Spectron’s exchange-traded derivatives business.

MarketPrizm’s Broker DMA will allow the broker’s members to connect, co-locate and trade on the London Metal Exchange, CME Group and IntercontinentalExchange with further expansion in Europe and Asia planned for later this year.

MarketPrizm, which recently added commodities to the asset classes it covers, offers hosting, market data and order routing as a service, including pre-trade risk analysis via ULLink.

“We have been able to utilise our experience of building effective and flexible equity market infrastructures and apply this knowledge to the commodities sector,” said Tanuja Randery, MarketPrizm CEO.