Disgruntled worker hacked Citi’s US systems; jailed for 21 months

Former Citibank employee slapped with jail time after hacking US systems, following a meeting with his boss on work performance.

A former Dallas based Citibank worker has been sentenced to 21 months imprisonment and given a $77,000 fine, after hacking into the bank’s US systems.

Brown began his career at Citibank in February 2013 and made the cyber attack in December that year, following a discussion with his boss on his work performance.

Convinced he would be fired, Brown transmitted a code and command to 10 core Citibank Global Control Centre routers, erasing the running configuration in 9 of the routers.

According to the hearing in court, 90% of all Citibank networks across North America were shut down.

Showing no remorse, Brown texted a colleague explaining that he’d “beat them to it” and that it was “nothing personal”.

Brown also told his colleague: “the upper management need to see what the guys on the floor are capable of doing when they keep getting mistreated.”

“I took one for the team. Sorry if I made my peers look bad, but sometimes it take something like what I did to wake the upper management up.”

He was sentenced last week to 21 months imprisonment and a $77,000 fine for “criminal vandalism”.