A real-time Investment Book of Record (IBOR) is an imperative for managing risk in today’s volatile markets. Without precision in your positions and risk, you’re trading defensively on predictive data; without simulation at your fingertips, you are relying on stale analysis. Join FINBOURNE Technology CEO Thomas McHugh and Head of Sales Simon Drinkall on 6 May as they outline the key drivers they are seeing behind the demand for a live IBOR and what potential it can unlock.


The front-office’s need for data to inform investment decisions is seeing buy-side firms shifting away from Accounting Book of Record (ABOR) and towards IBOR to deliver accurate intraday data to serve the need for time sensitive position data across multiple systems. Firms also have an operational requirement to leverage information from multi-systems to support a real-time review of elements such as exposure, MI and performance.

Simon and Tom will discuss why an IBOR is more relevant than ever today and examine the challenges driving the need for an IBOR including:

  • Need for intraday cash positions and projections
  • Need for intraday view of portfolio holdings
  • Multiple OMS and/or accounting platforms, necessitating a consolidated view
  • Multiple regional start of day/end of day cycles


Wednesday 6 May, 9.00am New York, 2pm London 


Thomas McHugh, CEO, FINBOURNE Technology

Simon Drinkall, Head of Sales, FINBOURNE Technology

Moderator: Hayley McDowell, Editor, The TRADE