FinTech guru Devie Mohan launches research company with FinLeap

UK FinTech influencer Devie Mohan has launched a new independent research company in partnership with FinLeap.

FinLeap has partnered up with UK FinTech influencer, Devie Mohan, to launch a new independent research company.

Mohan will launch the new business – known as Burnmark – releasing studies and research focusing on trends in the FinTech industry.

Berlin-based company builder FinLeap is to provide Burnmark with general network and research know-how.

Mohan is a noted influencer in the FinTech space, having worked closely with banks, consultancies, start-up accelerators, investors and innovation firms on FinTech strategies.

She has been appointed as co-founder and CEO at Burnmark.

The first study to be released by Burnmark will focus on challenger banking and its impact on traditional banking. It will include quantitative market sizing of challenger banking, with a focus on European and UK markets.

Co-founder and managing director at FinLeap, Ramin Niroumand, said that by supporting Burnmark, the firm will “enable a strategic approach to FinTech and the financial market.”