French officials slam ex-EC boss for Goldman Sachs role

French ministers have attacked Barroso’s decision to move over to Goldman Sachs so soon after Brexit result.

French ministers have slammed former European Commission president, José Barroso, for accepting a role at Goldman Sachs.

Harlem Desir, a French European minister, referred to Barroso’s move as a “disservice” and “scandalous”, according to reports circulating this week.

Goldman Sachs announced last week the appointment of Barroso as its new non-executive chairman and advisor, focusing on the company’s direction following Brexit.

The decision to accept the role at Goldman Sachs was described by many as ill timed, due to the very recent referendum result.

Desir reportedly told the French parliament: “It's a mistake on the part of Barroso and the worst disservice that a former commission president could do to the European project at a moment in history when it needs to be supported and strengthened."

Barroso served as president of the European Commission for a decade, before being replaced by the current president, Jean-Claude Juncker, in November 2014.

The finance minister in France, Michel Sapin, also slammed Barroso for the move, telling reporters: “This doesn’t surprise me from Mr Barroso.”

Sapin added: "If you have loved Europe, you shouldn't do this to it, especially not now.”

The trade minister in France, Matthias Fekl, made his opinions on the move via social media website, Twitter.

Fekl wrote: “[Barroso] is doing citizens a disservice, self-service at Goldman Sachs.”

“Barroso, a shameful representative of an old Europe which our generation is going to change," Fekl added.